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Free Manual Handling Video – Assessing Manual Handling Risks

The safe handling of materials in your various facilities is one area that requires constant vigilance and training. According to medical research 20% percent of back injuries are attributed to inflammation such as arthritis, 10% percent to do with actual back injuries and other miscellaneous causes and seventy percent result in degeneration spinal discs. That’s […]

Free Manual Handling Video To Download

A free manual handling video download like this doesn’t come along every day. I used to sell this one on its own for $30USD and included it in a part of a package that used to be sold for over $300. But times are changing on the internet. The market has demanded free safety videos […]

Free Safety Video on Shortcuts in the Workplace

How many times have you seen shortcuts being taken in the office, warehouse or factory. Have you been guilty of this yourself? I have too. So a little snippet added to safety training here and there can go a long way. The download you get is in MP4 format. What does this mean? Essentially you […]

Free Funny Safety Video – Forklift

One of the most outrageous funny free safety videos you are likely to find! It is of a German forklift driver, Klaus, and his first day on the job. If you would like to download this safety video to keep instead of just playing it once here, then you can do so at the site […]

Free Safety Training Download on Teamwork

Teamwork is obviously a very important part of a safe AND productive workplace. Sometimes we just need a little prompt or reminder in our safety training. Enter this short and simple safety video. It’s not meant to rock the world with new content, just a simple and effective reminder of the basics. The download you […]

Funny Safety Videos – Construction Funnies

Funny safety videos can really hit the mark for a safety moments or toolbox safety presentation. And how easy was your google search to find these little pieces to download for your library? This free safety video is all about the little problems sometimes encountered on a domestic building site. The last one looks particularly […]

Free – Housekeeping

Good housekeeping is essential for maintaining a good safety record. Housekeeping is the simple tasks of cleaning up after yourself and making sure plant and equipment are stored where they should be – not left in the work area. It also means working in a clean environment. Sometimes I’d hate to walk through the front […]

Free Welding Safety PowerPoint

The electric arc welder is one piece of equipment found in most manufacturing facilities or indeed workshops of any business. Welding equipment which is properly installed and maintained is quite safe. However it is in it’s use a worker is exposed to a multitude of hazards from welding, cutting, and brazing operations including toxic fumes, […]

Emergency Checklist

A simple checklist in case of a workplace incident. You may incorporate it with your emergency procedures training. Little free safety videos like this one are a great idea to break up a PowerPoint presentation. You can buy longer more expensive safety training videos if you like, but a few simple little ones strung together […]

Free Online Office Safety Game

Especially for younger workers (or maybe any – you decide) this clever online office safety training is a good option. In an interactive style, the “player” is invited to click on various hazards in a typical office. Various hazards include the office bully, the filing cabinet drawer left open, the phone in the wrong place […]

Free Safety Training Resource Kit

This is a complete online training resource developed in Australia by WorkCover, SafeWork SA and TAFE SA. It gives trainees a full online experience. Complete with drag and drop interactions which are a feature of the online learning activities. This Resource Kit has been designed with two critical factors in mind; firstly, the competencies required […]

Free Safety Powerpoint

Chemical Safety is such an important facet of most manufacturing industry operations. “Chemicals” are not just the liquids in large yellow kegs with warning signs and people gathered around in yellow suits and masks. Chemical safety includes liquids, vapours and/or solvents both natural and manufactured. Chemical safety also includes the full range of situations where […]

Free Safety Download – Poems

This is an excellent collection of poems kindly shared by the author Don Merrell. They are an excellent idea to use in a safety toolbox meeting or to present at a conference or management meeting of some importance. The titles are as follows: Think Twice. Are You Next? For the Life of a Friend. I […]

All Accidents Are Preventable

Not all that long ago we sold these videos for $30 each. Now they are your safety videos to download for free! This one is just a very short snippet highlighting that ALL accidents are preventable. Disagree with this? Good! Healthy debate is always good for safety training. Download it today and start using in […]

Gory Safety Video Download

“It’s fine just sliced fingers, crushed legs, feet, arms, fingers, bodies, impaled chests, electrocuted people and a guy who gets blown up. Perfectly OK” As a YouTube comment says! This of course is not for everyone. But sometimes useful in a safety presentation for an unusual discussion point. Gory and/or graphical safety videos don’t always […]

Funny Safety Video of Safety Photos

This is a short funny safety video suggested for use in a toolbox meeting. You have probably seen some of the safety photos from various resources around the internet. Here they are complied into a youtube video. Why is this good for a safety meeting? It adds a little lighthearted material to what some of […]

Free Safety Video Download – Real People

Wow what a well produced free safety video by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. It starts with a rolling list of headlines of “What People Think Workplace Safety Is” and shows things like, banning BBQs, being a nanny state, etc. All the usual mumblings we’ve all heard critising the work Health and […]

Amazing Safety Campaign

Although this remarkable advertising campaign is for road safety, how obvious is the correlation to workplace safety? Make sure you watch this free safety video. Maybe play it in a toolbox training session? Any ideas to translate a similar campaign to workplace safety? Kindly leave a reply below with your free safety training ideas.

BEST of all Free Safety Videos

This video is truly the best of all free safety videos you will ever find. Made by a British company, Harsco, it follows the story narrated by a lady explaining various situations where things could have gone badly wrong, but didn’t, but then did….. This safety video is amazing in its production quality for a […]

Free Heat Stress Video

Free heat stress video by SCF Arizona in the USA. Watch to learn the risks of working in summer heat.

Free Manual Handling Powerpoint

Manual handling is any activity or sequence of activities requiring a person to use their physical body (musculoskeletal system) to perform work including the use of force in lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying or otherwise moving, holding or restraining any person, animal or thing. Manual handling training is very important for any workplace. Please click […]

Free Hazard Identification Download

A hazard definition is quite simple – it is a process, piece of equipment or a workplace situation with the possibility of causing a worker injury. Risk is measured in terms of consequences and the likelihood of injury happening given certain circumstances. Use the link below to find some useful tools and hazard identification training […]

Free First Aid Video

A 22 minute long and one of the best free safety videos on first aid. Learn the contents of a first aid kit and how to properly use them when providing first aid. Of course nothing beats a first aid course, however this is an excellent example of free safety videos offered by American First […]

Accident Investigation Downloads

Accident investigation resources available for download by following the link. Choose from a few free safety PowerPoint presentations, an Accident Reporting Questionnaire, an incident investigation spreadsheet and some handy PDF reports. Accident Investigation Downloads.

Free Funny Safety Videos – Chopper

Get your free funny safety videos here! This one is crude, full of bad language and more great stuff. Even the stiffest and serious of workplace safety managers should see the funny side of this funny safety video – but then again, maybe not. Lighten up! Chopper takes you through office safety and correct ergonomic […]

Safety Manager Interview

This is one of the most useful free safety videos you can use for your workplace safety training. It is an interview with a safety manager and includes a true story based on his experience. You can’t download this safety video from here because we don’t have permission, however visit Free Safety Videos shop and […]

Free Eye Safety PowerPoint Presentation

Eye safety is critical in so many workplaces – in particularly in the manufacturing and construction industries. This is a simple free safety powerpoint presentation covering all aspects of how eye injuries can occur and what you can do to prevent them. It’s a free safety training download so click below, get it and use […]

Free Safety Videos – An Animated One

This example of free safety videos is an animation with a pretty cool cat first running through some typical attitudes and quite a funny office example. Someone as spent a lot of time on it but sometimes I wonder why! But you make your mind up Use safety videos in your safety training to mix […]

Free Safety Videos – 1970 Style

This is a classic by Caterpillar Machinery made in 1970. Definitely not for serious safety training anymore (by about 37 years!) but try it for a light hearted safety training session with your staff but to take the points away from it. A different approach to safety training and of course, free safety videos are […]

Free Free Free Stuff

Just a quick reminder to make sure you make the most of all the downloads available to you on this website. And best of all they are ALL FREE. Of course there are a few ads here before though – got to pay for this website somehow Just follow this link and you can scroll […]

Free Hospitality Safety Training Game

Especially for young workers, this is an interactive hospitality safety training game. It graphically shows all the hazards involved with working in a hotel. In a fun way, it shows many of the hospitality safety hazards a young worker is likely to encounter in a hotel workplace including waiting staff, barista, cleaning and cooking staff. […]

Free Online Safety Induction

Visit the link below for a completely free online safety induction. It is kindly supplied and administered by SafeWork SA in Australia. This is designed for blue collar workers and includes information and questions on the following: Common simple safety legislation. Manual Handling principles. Hazardous substances. Noise and hearing hazards. Machinery safety. Electrical safety. There […]

Free Fire Training Video

People always ask for free fire training videos. Here is one you can view for free. It is very simple fire safety training in only 3 minutes. Use for your next safety toolbox training presentation! Fire safety training in most countries is a legal requirement for all staff. Fire training should be especially relevant for […]

Free Lock-Out Tag-Out Safety Video

When you machinery requires maintenance, installation setup or repair, just unplugging from the power source is not enough. Reason: Because not all the time is the machie actually turned off. Someone may just turn it back on or even the wrong plug can be turned off. Human error – the cause of so many problems, […]

OSHA Be Responsible For Your Own Safety

Seems so simple. Be “Responsible For Your Own Safety” at work. And it is. A great little free safety video to remind one and all that safety starts with you. Only last year we sold this OSHA video for circa $35USD. But in the interest of better and more accessible workplace health and safety for […]

Free Hazard Identification Game

This is an excellent innovation by the government department of SafeWorkSA (South Australian Government). It is a web-based animated flash program asking students to correctly identify hazards using a clever drag and drop approach. Free hazard Identification training has never been easier. You can visit the webpage where the activity is here: Free hazard Identification […]

Free Driver Safety Guide

This comprehensive plan developed by the Western Australian WorkSafe commission endeavours to assist any organisation with fleets of cars and light vehicles, to develop their own safety campaign to improve road safety in the workplace. While there has been more emphasis on workplace health and safety training over the last 20 years, vehicle safety is […]

Free – What is First Aid

First Aid is a subject often overlooked in most workplace health and safety training. Probably because it is usually a certificate based course and only a certain number of people need to be “First Aid Officers”. But first aid is something of which we all should know at least the basics. This little free safety […]

Funny Manual Handling Video

A manual handling video with a difference! Workplace training will not be forgotten with the devil and angel treatment given to this little gem. NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT DOWNLOADABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE, but you can buy this from various sources on the internet. The producer is “Safety Video Shop” and you can find their […]

Manual Handling Video – 4 Basic Steps

Manual handling training need not be difficult. NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT DOWNLOADABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE, but this is an excellent and simple manual handling training video commercially available in either DVD format or digital download from the producer. Make sure you spend a bit of time on this website and discover a treasure chest […]