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Take the time to discover the FREE SAFETY VIDEOS we have to offer both to view and to download from this website. Don’t be hoodwinked on paying lots for OSHA videos – you can download everything here on this website for free.

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In saying that, just to the right, there is a special download offer for under $10USD right now. Have a look and see if hundreds of dollars value is worth just 10 bucks…

There are also loads of other free safety training resources to use including free powerpoint presentations, free manual handling videos and various other free safety downloads.

Every safety manager or person in charge of safety training needs resources for their training. But a lot of safety training doesn’t come cheaply. Whilst these resources are great and of high quality (e.g. safety videos can cost up to and over $1,000USD) it’s always good to have other OSHA resources to use spontaneously at your fingertips. And that doesn’t stretch your already stingy training budget.

Thank you for visiting and if you feel you have got good value from any of the free safety training downloads made available to you on this website, please provide your comments and consider purchases from any of our sponsors whose advertisements you will see on the site.

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