Funny Safety Video of Safety Photos

This is a short funny safety video suggested for use in a toolbox meeting. You have probably seen some of the safety photos from various resources around the internet. Here they are complied into a youtube video. Why is this good for a safety meeting? It adds a little lighthearted material to what some of […]

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Funny Safety Videos – Construction Funnies

Funny safety videos can really hit the mark for a safety moments or toolbox safety presentation. And how easy was your google search to find these little pieces to download for your library? This free safety video is all about the little problems sometimes encountered on a domestic building site. The last one looks particularly […]

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Free Funny Safety Video – Forklift

One of the most outrageous funny free safety videos you are likely to find! It is of a German forklift driver, Klaus, and his first day on the job. If you would like to download this safety video to keep instead of just playing it once here, then you can do so at the site […]

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Free Funny Safety Videos – Chopper

Get your free funny safety videos here! This one is crude, full of bad language and more great stuff. Even the stiffest and serious of workplace safety managers should see the funny side of this funny safety video – but then again, maybe not. Lighten up! Chopper takes you through office safety and correct ergonomic […]

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Free Safety Videos – An Animated One

This example of free safety videos is an animation with a pretty cool cat first running through some typical attitudes and quite a funny office example. Someone as spent a lot of time on it but sometimes I wonder why! But you make your mind up 🙂 Use safety videos in your safety training to […]

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Free Safety Videos – 1970 Style

This is a classic by Caterpillar Machinery made in 1970. Definitely not for serious safety training anymore (by about 37 years!) but try it for a light hearted safety training session with your staff but to take the points away from it. A different approach to safety training and of course, free safety videos are […]

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