Free Manual Handling Video – Assessing Manual Handling Risks

The safe handling of materials in your various facilities is one area that requires constant vigilance and training. According to medical research 20% percent of back injuries are attributed to inflammation such as arthritis, 10% percent to do with actual back injuries and other miscellaneous causes and seventy percent result in degeneration spinal discs. That’s […]

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Free Manual Handling Video To Download

A free manual handling video download like this doesn’t come along every day. I used to sell this one on its own for $30USD and included it in a part of a package that used to be sold for over $300. But times are changing on the internet. The market has demanded free safety videos […]

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Free Free Free Stuff

Just a quick reminder to make sure you make the most of all the downloads available to you on this website. And best of all they are ALL FREE. Of course there are a few ads here before though – got to pay for this website somehow 🙂 Just follow this link and you can […]

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Funny Manual Handling Video

A manual handling video with a difference! Workplace training will not be forgotten with the devil and angel treatment given to this little gem.

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Manual Handling Video – 4 Basic Steps

Manual handling training need not be difficult. NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT DOWNLOADABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE, but this is an excellent and simple manual handling training video commercially available in either DVD format or digital download from the producer and is very cheap right now. Make sure you spend a bit of time on this […]

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