Free Driver Safety Guide

This comprehensive plan developed by the Western Australian WorkSafe commission endeavours to assist any organisation with fleets of cars and light vehicles, to develop their own safety campaign to improve road safety in the workplace.

While there has been more emphasis on workplace health and safety training over the last 20 years, vehicle safety is often not given the same level of importance as say PPE or machinery safety for example. This does not seem right if you consider the statistics for your region/country.

This free driver safety in the workplace guide shows you how to plan your own road safety campaigns and advises you of legal obligations faced by both employers and employees in the use of company owned/leased vehicles.

Employers have a legal obligations under ‘duty of care’ and need to be aware that work vehicles are as much a part of the workplace as the factory floor, office or workshop.

Likewise, employees also need to take responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of other road users.

The guide also talks about the broader benefits of road safety to deliver cost effective strategies to organisations.

Download the guide by clicking the image below.

Free Driver Safety PDF