Free Funny Safety Videos

Some people really don’t like using funny safety videos in serious safety training.

Where’s their humour?

Alfred Mercier once quipped “What is learned with pleasure is never forgotten”.

Below are some excellent free resources to add a bit of something different to your workplace health and safety training.

Scroll through and you will see one with some, let’s say, colourful language. Straight from the Australian bogan files.

Other funny safety videos below are old school and another has the worst music you will ever hear accompanying ANY training video. Seriously.

Funny Safety Video of Safety Photos

This is a short funny safety video suggested for use in a toolbox meeting. You have probably seen some of […]

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Funny Safety Videos - Construction Funnies

Funny safety videos can really hit the mark for a safety moments or toolbox safety presentation. And how easy was […]

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Free Funny Safety Video - Forklift

One of the most outrageous funny free safety videos you are likely to find! It is of a German forklift […]

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Free Funny Safety Videos - Chopper

Get your free funny safety videos here! This one is crude, full of bad language and more great stuff. Even […]

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Free Safety Videos - An Animated One

This example of free safety videos is an animation with a pretty cool cat first running through some typical attitudes […]

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Free Safety Videos - 1970 Style

This is a classic by Caterpillar Machinery made in 1970. Definitely not for serious safety training anymore (by about 37 […]

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