Free – Housekeeping

Good housekeeping is essential for maintaining a good safety record.

Housekeeping is the simple tasks of cleaning up after yourself and making sure plant and equipment are stored where they should be – not left in the work area.

It also means working in a clean environment.

Sometimes I’d hate to walk through the front door of some of my previous staff’s houses if they treat their own place like their workplace.

Dishes in the sink drives me nuts.

Anyway, end of rant. Go ahead and download this free safety video and try it in your OSHA training today.

The video is in a compact mp4 file type and will play on all macs and pcs. Just make sure you have the latest media player version and you will be right.

You can easily embed all of these free videos into your PowerPoint presentations also.

Right-click on this TV icon and select “save-as” to download it right now to your computer.

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