Free Lock-Out Tag-Out Safety Video

When you machinery requires maintenance, installation setup or repair, just unplugging from the power source is not enough.

Reason: Because not all the time is the machie actually turned off. Someone may just turn it back on or even the wrong plug can be turned off. Human error – the cause of so many problems, accidents, injuries and deaths.

The process of lock-out tag-out is the ONLY way to protect human life.

You need to guarantee the machines are turned off and stay off.

To prevent the machine starting up unexpectedly during your maintenance operations, you need to know exactly where ALL the machine’s power source comes from. This can include current, stored power (i.e in a capacitor), stored compressed air, and if there is any energy sotred up in circumstances such as a coiled spring.

So it is not just electrical input you need to consider.

This video is simple but and effective free safety video for your toolbox training on the topic.