Free Safe Work Procedure – Angle Grinders

Safe Work Procedures are a very important weapon in your workplace safety training arsenal.

Below is some text from the “Start Up Procedure Section” in the Microsoft Word document you can download below:

Before starting check that:

  • An agreed safe procedure has been established and communicated for the agreed task.
  • Grinding work is necessary. Could a different tool be used with less risk?
  • The correct size grinder is selected for the job.
  • The correct flange and locking nut is in place for the type of disc being used.
  • The correct disc is selected, depending on the type of material being worked on and the size of the disc.
  • The guard and handles are in place and secure.
  • Does the guard cover half the disc between the operator and the disc?
  • Large Angle Grinders are fitted with a side handle.
  • There are no defects or damage to the disc.
  • Any disc that has been dropped or becomes damp is thrown away.
  • No flammable materials are close by.
  • The work piece is held firmly in a bench vice where necessary.
  • All employees are instructed to keep at a safe distance while an Angle Grinder is being used.
  • Welding screens are positioned to prevent flying particles hitting other workers.
  • Where a safer alternative cutting tool is available or can be obtained, an Angle grinder should not be used as a cutting tool.

Just click the image below and this free Safe Work Procedure for Angle Grinders is yours to use in today’s safety training.

Free Safe Work Procedure - Angle Grinders