Free Safe Work Procedure – Company Vehicles

This is a complete safe work procedure (or safe operating procedure) for company vehicles.

This is an important document recommended to make up a part of the employee’s employment contract, be part of their induction and be regularly updated and referred to.

This is an actual component of the document detailing the operation procedure:

  • Keep safety and accident prevention foremost at all times.
  • Be aware of the load and handling characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Comply with all traffic laws and regulations.
  • Do not drive if you are fatigued or affected by alcohol or drugs.
  • Use company vehicles for authorised business only or as per your employment contract.
  • Do not use company or client vehicles unless authorised to do so.
  • Do not permit any other unauthorised persons to drive company vehicles.
  • Assume all responsibility for any all fines or traffic violations associated with your use of company or client vehicle.
  • Do not transport unauthorised passengers such as hitchhikers, family or friends.
  • Use seat belts and ensure all occupants do likewise.
  • Ensure a seat belt is available for all occupants.
  • Drive the vehicle at posted speed limits or less depending on road conditions.
  • Do not drive the vehicle “off road” unless the vehicle is designed for that purpose.
  • Immediately report all accidents to the site manager.
  • Return vehicle in a clean condition removing all garbage and food items.
  • Company vehicle shall not be used for personal use, except during extended trips where such is consistent with the completion of the employee’s or passenger’s duties and is approved by the site manager.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all company and client vehicles.
  • Mobile phones shall not be used during the operation of the vehicle unless they are connected to a “hands free” or bluetooth device.
  • Do not drive in thongs or similar footwear. Use closed footwear with a small heel.
  • Slow down when driving conditions deteriorate.
  • Use only approved service stations to purchase fuel. Use the company credit card if applicable and retain the receipt.
  • Turn on the lights during rain or fog.
  • Complete the logbook after each use.

Just click the image below and this free editable Safe Work Procedure for Company Vehicles (a Microsoft Word Document) is yours to use in your company policy documents.

Free Safe Work Procedure - Company Vehicles