Free Safe Work Procedure – Compressed Air

This is another completely free safe work procedure download – this time for workers who use compressed air.

Safe Operational Procedures can be utilised for inductions and are a very useful piece of documentation to make up a part of employment contracts and company policy.

Part of the documentation in the editable Microsoft Word document includes the following:

  • NEVER direct a stream of compressed air towards your body or the body of another person.
  • Check hoses regularly for cuts, bulges and abrasions.
  • Turn off the pressure when changing tools.
  • Do not carry a pneumatic tool by the hose.
  • Avoid creating trip hazards caused by hoses laid across walkways or curled underfoot.
  • Do not use compressed air to clean dirt from clothes.
  • Do not use compressed air for any other purpose than for which it was provided.
  • Do not use compressed air to cool yourself or to blow dust from the clothes or hair.
  • Never indulge in horseplay or practical jokes with compressed air.
  • The first aid kits are located at: XXXXXXXXXXX.
  • If maintenance is required or performed on this equipment, the maintenance register must be updated.

Just click this folder image immediately below and this free Safe Work Procedure for working with Compressed Air is yours to use in today’s safety training.

Free Safe Work Procedure - Compressed Air