Free Safe Work Procedure – Electric Welding

A free safe work procedure on electric welding is here for you to download for FREE.

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It is a full editable Microsoft Word document that you can customise to your business including branding.

The Operational Procedures section contained within are:

  • Because of their potentially explosive nature, do not attempt welding/cutting or hot work to drums, barrels, tanks or other containers under any circumstances.
  • Do not weld directly on a concrete floor. Heat from the arc can cause steam to build up in the floor, which could cause an explosion.
  • Position the welding cables to avoid sparks and molten metal coming into contact with them.
  • Keep cables free from grease and oil.
  • Position the cables so they will not be driven or walked over.
  • If the welding operation must be done on steel or other conductive material, an insulating mat must be used under the operator. Electric welders can kill by electric shock.
  • If the welding area is wet or damp or the operator is actively perspiring then he/she should wear rubber gloves under the welding gloves.
  • Clean all metal to be welded by wire brushing or other methods.
  • Protect your eyes and body from flying slag or chip when wire brushing the finished bead or chipping slag.

  • Do not leave unused electrodes or electrode stubs on the floor whereby they create a slipping hazard.
  • Hot metal should be handled with metal tongs or pliers.
  • When quenching hot metal in water it should be done very carefully to avoid steam burns.
  • Any metal left to cool should be marked “HOT” with soapstone.
  • The emergency switch should be located close to the operator.
  • Welding should not be performed from ladders.
  • “Welding in Progress” signs should be displayed in the area where welding is being carried out.

Just click the image below and this free Safe Work Procedure for Angle Grinders Electric Welding is yours to use in today’s safety training or use as a template for your documentation.

Free Safe Work Procedure - Angle Grinders