Free Safe Work Procedure – Electrical Safety

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The operational procedures contained include:

  • Inspect tools and leads regularly.
  • Have worn plugs replaced.
  • Return frayed and damaged leads to your supervisor.
  • Ensure that portable electrical equipment and leads are connected through an approved
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) or an approved Type 2 safety switch.
  • Ensure the portable safety switch is tested using the inbuilt test button immediately it is connected to a socket outlet, and each day it is used after its connection. The switch MAY be used if it trips immediately.
  • The portable safety switch and all portable appliances must be tested and tagged every 6/12/60 months by a qualified person.
  • It the tag is absent or out of date you must not use the appliance or lead. The faulty appliance and/or lead must be handed to your supervisor.
  • Do NOT use double adaptors or piggyback plugs.
  • Protect leads passing through doorways.
  • Keep leads and plugs dry, and out of puddles.
  • Do not open any electrical (fuse) boxes. If any work needs to be carried out on the fuse box, contact your supervisor immediately.
  • Ensure any portable appliances are switched off before removing the plug.
  • Remove leads from sockets by grasping the plug and not the lead.
  • Do not use PVC tape to repair worn or damaged leads. Have the cord replaced.
  • Switch off portable appliances when not in use.

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